Partner Referral Program

We value connections.

The Opportunity

ElementConnect Referral Partners are an exclusive group of bankers, founder-friendly VCs, influencers and SaaS savvy consultants. Our experienced partners are committed to doing what’s best for the customer and act with the highest standards of integrity.

How It Works

Simply introduce a prospective client to Element SaaS Finance and our team of advisors and corporate finance experts will take it from there. There is no cost to become part of the program and our partners are well compensated.

A Flexible Approach to Venture Debt

Let’s face it. Not all debt is created equal.
We believe finance should be straightforward and tailored to the needs of a fast-growing business. Our team has a proven track record of guiding founders through the challenges the face when needing funding to grow without dilution.
We partner with B2B SaaS companies with:
  • $1m or more in ARR
  • A track record of growth
  • Low customer concentration
  • Low churn
  • A good plan for what they want to do
  • A clean balance sheet
We provide finance for:
  • Growth
  • Bolt-on acquisitions
  • Bridge loans for specific needs
  • Refinance existing debt

Earn Money!

Join the program by connecting us with a SaaS Founder
in need of revenue-based finance or a fixed term loan.
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