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Absolutely no dilution or warrants. Ever.
Drive your SaaS company's recurring revenue growth with up to $10m in venture finance.

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Revenue based & Fixed Rate Business Finance

Straightforward Options

Financing with a fixed interest rate and payment schedule.

Fixed monthly payments
Multiple tranches reduce your cost of capital
Interest only period helps cash flow at the beginning
Flexible early prepayments
No equity warrants or personal guarantees

as low as 15%

Fixed annual interest rate range


Origination Fee

Up to 5 years

Interest-only period available.

Up to $10M

Flexible structures based on needs.
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Growth capital repaid with a percentage of your monthly revenue.

Pay less until your revenue increases
Loan payments match your revenue recognition
No prepayment penalties
No equity warrants or personal guarantees
Payback multiples over a 5 year period


Origination Fee


made as a percentage of revenue.
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A flexible approach to venture debt

Let’s face it, not all debt is created equal. We believe there’s a different way to grow and finance should be straightforward and tailored to the needs of the business.

Flexible Financing.
A long-term capital partner over the life of your business.
Absolutely No Warrants Ever.
No board seats, no equity, no loss of control of your business
Relationship Banking for SaaS.
We take a personal, partnership led approach to learn your business and help you build the right capital stack.
Transparent Terms.
Flexible, customized approach to finance structure. We'll customize what you need with no hidden terms and conditions.
Coverage across North America and Europe icon.
Coverage across North America and Europe.

About Us

We help founders bridge the SaaS funding gap through revenue-based finance and fixed-term loans. 

Our straightforward options are customized to the needs of the business providing the right finance option at the right time.


Revenue Based Finance

Our Revenue Based Finance provides capital repaid with a percentage of monthly revenue with no equity warrants or personal guarantees. As a result, founders can pay back multiples over five years, paying less until revenue increases and loan payments match revenue recognition.

Fixed Rate Business Loans

Our fixed-rate business loan provides financing with fixed monthly payments with an interest-only period helping to support cash flow with multiple tranches available to reduce the cost of capital. 

Relationship Driven

We believe in relationships and the people behind the products. We take a personal, partnership-led approach to learning your business and support your growth objectives. 

Venture-Debt Solutions

Our clients leverage our venture-debt solutions for bolt-on acquisitions, bridge loans, refinance of existing debt, market expansion, and investment in sales, marketing, and product resources.

Up to $10M

We can lend up to $10M to recurring-revenue-based companies with a good plan, a track record for growth, low customer concentration and churn, and a clean balance sheet.
About us

Element Finance is a boutique growth finance company that invests in SaaS and recurring revenue companies. 

Why we started Element Finance
We got our start out of necessity.

Element Finance got its start out of necessity. It was founded in 2019 by Scaleworks – a group of seasoned SaaS operators who faced the challenge of accessing growth capital to grow their family of SaaS companies. 

didn't value the SaaS recurring revenue model
Traditional banks weren't an option.

They didn't value the SaaS recurring revenue model and wouldn't lend to companies with no profit or tangible assets, even with fantastic customer metrics and growth. Most other alternative lenders required equity warrants, board seats, and business covenants that did not make sense.

So, we raised our first lending fund so our companies could easily access growth finance without dilution. It went so well that we expanded to help companies around the globe with growth finance. In three years, we have helped our customers grow ARR on average 38% each year and increased available capital to founders as they have grown.

We believe there’s a different way to grow.

SaaS finance should be straightforward and tailored to the needs of a business with no hidden terms and conditions, board seats, personal guarantees, or equity. Our finance experts and SaaS business operators have a proven track record of driving solutions to help founders ensure access to growth capital without dilution and loss of control. 

We believe in relationships and the people behind the products. We are committed to providing founder-friendly, long-term capital over the life of your business.

A Few Companies We've Funded

karbon logo

Featured Founders

“The team at Element SaaS Finance were great to work with - They helped us get the funds needed to finance a bolt-on acquisition, increasing our number of products, customers, and revenue.”

Sameer Kamat

“From our first meeting, it was clear that John and his team just get it. Element SaaS Finance knows what SaaS companies are looking for and what our unique challenges are. We wanted smart, quick, and efficient directions, and we got it. We’re looking forward to continuing our partnership.”

Bernie Schiemer

"Element SaaS Finance has been a key part of the growth and success that we've been able to achieve at Karbon. John and the Element SaaS Finance team understand how SaaS companies like us operate, they don't try and over-complicate things, and they allow us to focus on the most important stuff without giving up any control."

Stuart McLeod
CEO & Co-founder

"Element SaaS Finance has been a great partner to AG, investing time and effort to understand our business and deliver unique and innovative financing solutions to help us fund rapid growth. They are responsive, transparent, and collaborative in everything they do. John and his team have been extremely supportive and have provided tremendous contributions as we continue to scale our business."

Blake Nolan
Athletic Greens

"Element SaaS Finance has been a true partner in our growth. They recognized the potential of our solutions and helped us secure funding that is strategically tied to our business model and allowed us to scale."

Omri Friedel
Head of Finance
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The Scaleworks Master Plan
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