Frequently Asked Questions

How fast can you fund?

Our fastest funding was only four days, but our average time to funding is six weeks. So, we will work with your schedule as best we can.

What size of loans do you offer?

We lend funds from $200k to $10m.

Do you require warrants?

No, we help drive growth, not dilution. We believe warrants are not in the best interest of founders and have never done a loan with a warrant.

Do you share data of companies you’ve lent to?

We value our founder’s privacy and do not share data about our clients without consent.

Will you lend to companies that aren’t profitable?

We lend based on recurring revenue, not profit. Although burning cash to grow is part of high growth strategies, we like to see this done in a managed way that fits the business's objectives and growth plan.

We are okay with pre-profitability if a company has more than $1m in recurring revenue, a manageable cash burn profile, low churn, and plan for an appropriately sized debt funding that will grow the business over the coming year.

Do you have prepayment penalties? Can I prepay my loan?

We have no prepayment penalties. However, we do require a notice period after a pre-agreed minimum term length.

How are other SaaS companies leveraging debt finance with Element SaaS Finance?

Our customers use our growth finance in a variety of ways. The most common use is helping with working capital to invest in upfront growth costs such as sales and markets, team expansions, etc. We support the customer in several other ways, including bolt-on acquisitions, bridge loans for specific needs, refinancing existing debt, market expansion, and shareholder buyouts.

How can I determine if I will qualify for funding? What does a good borrower profile look like to get funded?

We can lend up to $10M to recurring-revenue-based companies with $1m or more in ARR that have a good plan, a track record for growth, low customer concentration and churn, and a clean balance sheet.

What does our plan or cash flow profile need to look like?

We lend up to 6x MRR and would want our loan to give your company at least 9-12 months of cash flow runway to enable you to grow. If your cash burn profile is much higher and the loan will only give you runway for 2-3 months, then our loans may require you to raise other funds (e.g., equity) to be invested alongside the loan.

What is an Element SaaS Finance fixed rate term loan?

Our fixed rate term loans offer interest-only periods, so you can use more of your cash flow to invest in your growth at the beginning of the loan.

Can I continue to get funds in the future?

Yes. You don’t need to borrow it all up front. You can pull down funds as you need.

What is the difference between an Element SaaS Finance fixed-rate term Loan vs. Element SaaS Finance Revenue-Based Loan?

A fixed rate term-loan is much more straightforward. Revenue-based finance, from a cash point of view and doesn’t appreciate the time, value of money.

Does my business have to be profitable?

No, we don’t require you to be profitable. As long as you have a good team with a strong strategic path to profitability, we’d like the opportunity to work with you.

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