4 Ways SaaS Companies Can Improve the User Experience

Customer retention often has more to do with psychology (or look, feel and ease of use) than product features and is one of the biggest challenges Element SaaS Finance companies face.

Here are a few tips to improve the user experience, create brand loyalty, and keep your customers happy.

1. Take a fresh look at your UX. Is it easy to navigate and use? Are you personalizing the experience? What are you doing to make it memorable for the users?

When it comes to the design of your websites and apps, remember less is more. Strive for simplicity and a minimalist approach and have clear communication that gets to the point. It's a tough sell if a potential customer has to spend 15 minutes deciphering what you do or how you differentiate from others. So instead, find new ways to personalize the design and content to connect with the user, adding new user-centric updates and features.

Have fun and express your brand personality cleverly and humorously to ensure they remember you.

2. Revisit your onboarding processes. It's easy for Element SaaS Finance companies to focus investments on sales and marketing to attract prospects and win customers. However, often overlooked is the critical stage of onboarding - This is your time to shine and form a lasting bond and relationship between the buyer and your brand. Poor onboarding will drive churn and losses to competitors. It also makes onboarding a costly project for your team rather than a straightforward process.

3. Keep them engaged. While your customers are undoubtedly aware of your offering's ability to help them, they may not be fully connected or dependent on the offering, creating opportunities for low usage and a perceived lack of value ending in termination of services.   Ways to avoid that are:

Establish multiple systems of support and resources to include live chat, community forums, documentation, videos, and in-app notification on updates.

Find ways to remind your customers of the service benefits and the multitude of ways your product is designed to solve their problems. Then, put those reminders where users intuitively look to strengthen the relationship and the perceived value.

Customers may not use all the bells and whistles of your product but getting them to use some features consistently will ensure they find value for what they are paying you for.

4. Focus on the human connection. You don't have to spend a lot to connect with your customers. Video with real people telling a compelling story or delivering a valuable message is a great way to make a human connection. It can be used in customer-focused campaigns or one-off follow-ups sent by your account managers.  

Easy ways to do this are product update explainers or industry-specific insight that help the customer understand their market better

If you are looking to invest in your product and customer experience and need growth finance, we’d love to discuss options and invite you to schedule a time to Talk to Us.