Guide to Raising Equity

Growing businesses need funding to fuel their business, and many SaaS founders often see an equity raise as validation of their business growth. Equity can be an excellent option for founders. However, the timing and terms on which equity is raised are crucial.

In the complimentary whitepaper, A Founder’s Guide to Raising Equity - Steps to Take to Fund Your SaaS Business, we layout out different aspects that Founders need to consider to help navigate the process and minimize dilution and retain as much of their ownership stake as possible.

Key Inclusions:

-Real-world scenarios of when equity is right for a business

-Expert insight on how to prepare for the raise

-Tips for developing a data room

-Recommendations on how to build a funding plan and how to structure the investment

-Best practices on what to look for in an investor and key questions to ask before taking equity

-Issues to be aware of and what to expect after the raise

Download the Guide Here