Generate Your Term Loan Repayment Schedule

If you are a SaaS founder seeking ways to get cash upfront without dilution with a fixed interest rate and payment schedule, an Element SaaS Finance Fixed Rate Term Loan  could be a great option for you.

With a term loan you can expect:

• Fixed monthly payments

• Multiple tranches available to reduce your cost of capital

• An interest only period to help cash flow at the beginning

• Flexible early prepayments

• No equity warrants or personal guarantees.

Here are a few ways customers have leveraged Element SaaS Finance funding:

• Scale Growth

• Invest in resources to execute strategy

• Manage churn

• Deliver new or enhanced products to customers

• Market expansion

• Bolt-on acquisitions

• Bridge loans for specific needs

• Refinance of existing debt

To see a repayment schedule factoring in a 6-month interest only period, get your term loan repayment schedule generated here.