Element SaaS Finance Provides Growth Finance to Littledata

Element SaaS Finance has recently provided growth finance to Littledata, the e-commerce data platform for modern DTC brands.

Littledata provides expert analytics advice and customer web analytics to help businesses understand their customers’ online behavior and achieve business goals.

The funding will allow Littledata to accelerate its mission to make it ridiculously easy for direct-to-consumer brands (using Shopify, BigCommerce, and more) to connect their data and understand performance.

Element SaaS Finance Partner, John Gallagher, commented: “We help founders bridge the Element SaaS Finance funding gap through revenue-based finance and fixed-term loans. Our straightforward options are customized to the needs of the business providing the right option at the right time. We were impressed with the business leadership; they have an excellent vision for moving the business forward.

We are looking forward to working with the Littledata Team in the future. The debt facilities provided to Littledata are our first in the UK. We have been delighted with the caliber of the businesses approaching us for funding options in the UK. As a lender, we like to partner with companies with a view to becoming a long-term capital partner over the entire life of the business – and we take a personal, partnership-led approach to learn about our clients to help them build the right capital stack.”

Edward Upton, Founder & CEO of Littledata, stated, “The loan from Element SaaS Finance is central to the next stage of our growth as an ecommerce data platform. We had other funding options available, but we felt that John and his team at Element SaaS Finance genuinely understood where we want to go and will back us all the way.”

If you are a SaaS company seeking growth finance to accelerate your vision, talk to us and learn how we can help.