Jose Gomez del Campo named Business Development Director at Element SaaS Finance

Element SaaS Finance, a boutique growth finance company that invests in and lends to Element SaaS Finance and recurring revenue companies, announced today Jose M. Gomez del Campo has joined the team as Business Development Director.

Gomez del Campo brings over a decade of experience spearheading entrepreneurial initiatives within the renewable energy, micro-finance, and non-bank financial institutions with significant experience in the origination, transaction structuring, and credit and risk analysis for potential investment. He will oversee founder relations with leaders in the Element SaaS Finance community to help provide non-dilutive growth finance solutions.

Prior to joining Element SaaS Finance, Gomez del Campo served as the Infrastructure Financing and Financial Services Specialists for North American Development Bank and was a member of the team which financed over 2.4 GW of installed capacity in solar and wind projects across the US and Mexico.

“Element SaaS Finance is excited that Gomez del Campo joined our team,” said John Gallagher, Element SaaS Finance partner and CEO. “Jose brings the ideal set of financial and banking experience while having a proven ability to build strong relationships with the businesses he works with.”

“I’m thrilled to be a part of the Element SaaS Finance team committed to providing a unique boutique growth finance experience for Element SaaS Finance businesses. I’m excited to have the great opportunity to increase awareness about the business value of revenue-based finance and alternative lending options from one of the leaders in the venture debt industry,” said Gomez del Campo. “The chance to work with such a respected group is a privilege.”